Next Generation BPM with ABPD featuring Gartner

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Where traditional Business Process Management (BPM) solutions require extensive work to document and to configure the core processes of the Enterprises,

they simply verify if the processes are conforms, properly configured and correctly executed within the Information System.

The Softbridge’s Smart Monitoring Engine (SME) proposes to take the problem upside down by automatically discovering what business processes are really executed, how and at what level of quality within the Information System.

This modern approach is a necessity that revolutionizes the way to reach operational excellence within the Information System in a world where, new channels, new rules, new configurations and new processes are added daily in order to adapt to the supersonic speed of changes required for the Enterprise’s Digital Transformation.

As per the Gartner’s terminology, the Softbridge’s SME proposes a comprehensive Next-Generation Business Process Monitoring (NG-BPM) solution designed for large organisations which provides a Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) solution built on top of an Automatic Business Process Discovery (ABPD) platform. The solution relying on BigData technology, and a powerful Machine Learning algorithm, apply the latest Process Mining techniques to discover, to document and to verify the quality of ALL business process instances executed within the information system without the need to document anything. It also automatically detects changes, incidents, as well as service and customer impacts immediately. It reveals the Root Cause instantly so Enterprises’ Engineering Teams can proactively correct, optimize and improve the overall QoS of the Information System, all the while cutting Operational Costs, removing Revenue Leakages, and maximising Efficiency and Customer Experience.

It’s also an incontestable competitive advantage for the business owners who can have a unified view with detailed, analytics, reports and KPIs, revealing how the Information System impacts the Customer Journey, the Company Services and Revenues, for all Channels and for each Customer Touch Point, End to End, and from a single place.

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