Information System monitoring

Businesses lose millions of euros per year due to the cost of technical incident, which includes both the costs of identifying and solving the problem, the cost of customer complaints and the damages associated with a tainted image. It is therefore paramount for IT departments as well as Business process departments to proactively manage these incidents in order to limit the impact on customer experience and revenue.

Monitoring of Business Processes

Mastering business processes- a real headache

To improve its processes, a company must first understand precisely how they function. If this would initially seem like a no-brainer, this pre requisite, which is indispensable for a correct diagnosis, is very difficult to obtain.

Having the capacity to continuously uncover/unveil how business processes operate is the only alternative to having a real time image of business operations, which is the starting point for any optimisation strategy.

Supervision of Customer Relationships

For 4% of dissatisfied customers, 60% leave your company.

Such figures demonstrate the necessity for a business to know how to detect all dissatisfied customers, including, and most importantly those who do not express their dissatisfaction.

This permanent overview of the entire client interaction and the quality of such experience allow you to propose quality customer experience whatever the touchpoint and to put in place personalised customer relationships.

Monitoring Customer Journeys

It is 7 times more expensive to prospect for new customers than to gain their loyalty

Your customer capital therefore deserves the greatest focus and attention. You must be able of understanding the needs and expectations of each in order to match them precisely.

Mapping and permanent analysis of customer journeys allow the identification of customer segments with attrition risks and thus allow the implementation of actions to eliminate those risks.

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