To improve its processes, a company must first understand precisely how they function. If this would initially seem like a no-brainer, this pre requisite, which is indispensable for a correct diagnosis, is very difficult to obtain. This difficulty is as a result of two factors: The complexity and volatility of processes. The first factor makes all mapping activities a long and tedious exercise to carry out; the second factor renders the results obtained from this activity short lived. Having the capacity to continuously uncover/unveil how business processes operate is the only alternative to having a real time image of business operations, which is the starting point for any optimisation strategy.

You are a member of the Quality team and you wish to :

  • Know and master the processes?
  • Optimise their quality and performance?
  • Ensure their optimal functioning from end to end?

The Smart Monitoring Engine is the solution you need…

Your assets

Your Knowledge base

  • The channels and touchpoints where processes are initiated
  • Players in business processes

Your data set

All (unexploited ?) data linked to process executio

Our novel features


  • Continuous characterisation and update of business processes


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  • Quality and performance indicators linked to business processes
  • Alerts to technical teams for proactive maintenance

Impact Analysis

  • Identification of unfulfilled customer requests

Root Cause Analysis

  • Precise and instantaneous localisation of errors and bottlenecks inside processes

Concrete benefits

  • Business processes dashboard in real time

  • Optimisation of the quality and performance of processes

  • Improvement of customer experience

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